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The Judges, DJ’s and Hosts

(Please note that this line up may be subject to change with any last minute changes or amendments)

Your Hosts
Kerrin & Luci Osmond
from Ginger Jive

01365 877253  /  07970 153 518
info@GingerJive.com  www.GingerJive.com

Your MC - Hev Mate from Rock Bottoms:-
Cheeky Little Weekenders - weekend breaks in Torquay

01296 331525    
info@rockbottoms.com   www.Rockbottoms.com

Jackie Robins

from Planet Leroc
07950 814 973

Keith Davies

from Revolution Dance

07973 350 210



Andrew & Lisa Bowman
& Laura Pedley

Colin Shaul

from Leroc Surrey
07944 971 195


Nina Daines

Dance Teacher/Choreographer/Performer - specializing in all types of dance

Nigel Anderson
Freelance dance teacher.

Nigel has been on the dance scene for - well forever really. Nigel has also won prestigious UK Jive titles on several occasions along with many TV, Film & Stage appearances.

Adam Crewe

Adam has been dancing for 20+ years, teaching and performing around the globe. He’s won numerous dance competitions, His strengths in dance are biomechanics and musicality, or to put it another way "knowing how to move, and when to move.