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The General Rules

In the past we have always said that this is a Modern Jive competition and at least 75% of the dancing must be recognisable as Modern Jive (unless stated otherwise) and have a definite demonstration of lead and follow.

However over the years modern jive has changed dramatically especially with influences from Strictly, West Coast, Salsa etc and every dancer, organiser and teacher will probably have their own definition of what modern jive really is. Personally we've always answered it as a hybrid of all the dances put together that can be danced to all types of music fast or slow, which is why we try and vary the music as much as we can so the different styles can be demonstrated especially as the footwork will change depending on the feel of the music.  

Therefore providing the moves have been previously taught in modern jive classes (irrespective of the style of music played) then we will accept  it in the competition as long as it is not a blatantly obvious different dance.  If a couple falls into a grey area of “are they dancing modern jive” then  we rely on our Judges own personal view and definition of modern jive and they will mark accordingly.

Couples will dance to music chosen by the Championship organisers  except for the showcase and Team Cabaret categories if running.

To see a full list of categories and who can enter please see our Category Page for further rules and amendments.

You can not change your level of dancing during the competition ie if you are an advanced dancer in one category for example Advanced Couples you can not therefore enter intermediate DWAS or Dance with a Star as the Intermediate dancer etc.

Over the few years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of competitions running throughout the UK and with all of these competitions, sometimes  categories are not that well attended just like we have experienced in certain categories in the past - it happens!  

Therefore we do not think it is fair to send a competing couple up to the next level (especially if  they are not ready for it) just because they have won against a smaller number of competitors in that particular category.   If, on the other hand a couple are consistently winning, then in our view they should move up to the next level.

So, to make it fair :-

1).  The previous year's JiveChamps winner must move up to the next level of that category (where applicable).

 2).  Over a 12 month period - You may still enter the a category if you have won at another competition provided you have not won 3 or more titles in that category.

Airsteps will NOT be permitted (except for the Showcase, Team Cabaret, The “Masters” Championship, Double Trouble and of course the Aerials).  We are however, allowing moves where both of the ladies feet are off the ground, providing one foot remains below the waist level of the man, points will be deducted if the ladies foot is at the mans waist level or higher.  Please note that we are classing an airstep or aerial as a move that has been lead and therefore jumping would not be classed as an aerial unless that person was thrown in the air by their partner.

All dance moves should be delivered in a safe manner with due care taken not to interfere with your fellow competitors.

** NEW** The Three Strike Rule
To keep the competition running to time, this year we have introduced the 3 strike rule.  You will be called 3 times either by your individual Dancer/Couple number or by name.  If you are not on the floor after the third call the heat will run without you and you will be disqualified from that category.  Followers please ensure you know your partners number especially if you are in multiple Lucky Dips.  

Judging will be based on a points system. Points will be awarded for Style, Musical Interpretation & Timing, Presentation & Costume, Technique & Complexity and in addition of the  “showcase” and "Team Cabaret" Originality. Points will be deducted if any “showcase” or "Team Cabaret" routine is not original. Please note that plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Closing date for entry will be 2 days before the event.  Entries received after this date will be accepted according to availability and therefore maybe refused.

If any category is under subscribed prior to the competition the category may be cancelled, in which case all entries for that category will be contacted and refunded.

The Competition organisers  reserves the right to change the programme and competition if
necessary without consultation.

The Judges decision will be final….!!

When it comes to judging on the day couples are marked on that 4 minutes they compete in and not on past performances or video recordings. It's a tough enough job as it is and we have complete and utter trust and faith in every single judge on the panel and are extremely proud of the hard work that Andrew (our adjudicator), the judges, Hev (our MC) and all the crew do for the championships.

Now the boring stuff !

By participating in the International Jive Championship, you confirm that it is your own personal responsibility to ensure that you are fit and healthy before undertaking any dance/aerobic activity of which participation is at your own risk.  If you are in any doubt about your health and coping with the physical demands of competitive dancing, you should consult your doctor before entering.

Cancellation Policy, If you wish to cancel your booking refunds of 50% will be issued up to 1st May 2022,  25% will be issued up to 1st June 2022. No refunds will be issued after this date.
There are no exceptions for unforeseen circumstances and any refunds will be subject to a £10 cancellation fee.

Competition places maybe transferred to another dancer as long as it is agreed with the organisers.  However please note. No transfers will be accepted within 2 weeks of the competition date.

In consideration of your being granted entry to this event you agree that CWE Ltd nor its officers or agents shall be liable to you for any loss or injury or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by you at this event or within the venue.

The event may be recorded by film, video and photograph; these may be used for CWE Ltd promotional purposes without any obligation.

You also agree that we may store and process information obtained by you on a computer and may use it to give you details of our services and future events.

Filming and Photography. Anyone attending this event agrees that they can be filmed or appear in a photograph which may be used for promotional purposes by the organisers. All recordings at this event remain the copyright/property of the organisers and may be used by them at any time in any media.

Minimum age for competition entry is 16 however under 16’s may enter but need to contact us first. Minimum age for spectators is 10 years old. **Amendment** we are now able to accept a small number of “well behaved” children under 10 but you will need to speak to us first.

Keith Davies (Revolution Dance):-
“This has to be one of the competitions of the future : ) The venue was amazing, the dancers phenomenal, the atmosphere electric & the crowd so so supportive. Book it out in your diaries now for next year, you wouldn't want to miss this one, I promise you  : ))”

* * * * * * * *

Jax Robins (Planet LeRoc in Cardiff):-
Thank you to Kerrin & Luci & Team for the fantastic competition weekend and for looking after all us judges so well. Well done and big congratulations to all that competed and took home a medal or trophy. Watching people grow in the competition world is so rewarding to see so keep it up everybody and look forward to seeing you all competing soon.

* * * * * * * *

Aggie Maczka:- What a fantastic day at the Indie Jive Champs!! even though we were not able to compete due to Kevin's injury, we had brilliant time supporting everyone!!! :)))) well done to all competitors and massive congratulations to Kerrin, Lucy and the team for yet another successful and well run competition...   Btw we love the Jam format of the Open  xXx

* * * * * * * *

Emily Richardson:- Great day yesterday, so well organised once again. Loved the Jam format for the Masters Final, made for such a good atmosphere.
Thanks guys, job well done x

* * * * * * * *

Victoria Pollard:- Big thank you to all the organisers, judges, djs, announcers and helpers for a great competition yesterday, we had a great day - it was a year to the day since my first ever competition (Indie Jive Champs 2012) xx

* * * * * * * *

Aaron Fluff Saunders:-  What a great day! A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard in organising the event, and congratulations to everyone who came and competed for raising the bar on last year, the standard of dancing was so high this year!

* * * * * * * *

Lindsay Brown (from Scotland):-
Great weekend, judging was hard work v high standard, Hev is the best MC on the planet. Great to see friends from dance past. Well done Kerrin + co, look fwd to next year.

* * * * * * * *

Sophia Twinkle-twinkle:-  What an awesome comp! Thank you for such an amazing day we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves  one of my favourite comps so far! X

* * * * * * * *

Mo Smith:-  A big thank you to everyone that made Saturday such an amazing day. My first time as a competitor and I loved every minute. X

Testimonials (taken from Facebook)